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Email marketing is one of the most direct ways to communicate with consumers and has been proven to be one of the most effective advertising strategies available to date because of this straight delivery.

Not only does it save you time, but also money. Imagine having physically deliver your service or product to people via post. With over 200 billion emails being sent per day, from over 3 billion email accounts, it’s no wonder it’s the most popular form of direct marketing.

Idigit.al global database of over nine million opted-in addresses, puts us in the most informed place to help you target your perfect market.

As well as the provision of this well-sourced data, we have a leading team of designers to help you create your perfect, bespoke template – making the campaign attractive as well as highly successful.

We know the best times to send as well as how to embed the best features so that your business is seen by the most people. Our knowledge on the best ways to construct and conduct such campaigns means your business can be gratefully received by millions of inboxes per day, with guaranteed interaction.

We provide the design – to include audio, animation and bold images as you so wish – as well as all the coding, taking the hassle out of this form of marketing. Unlike the do-it-yourself email campaign websites available today, our service offers individuality as well as a professional, high quality and a highly technical finish.

An advertising campaign with a physical national media platform, such as a magazine or new newspaper, can be one of the most effective ways to reach your audience.

We have spent a significant amount of time learning the differences between advertising with a magazine or a national daily, and have found that the effectiveness of each to be similar – they just have to be approached in a different way. Magazines, for example, are more expensive because of their high-gloss and the high-quality images that have to feature with them. The readership of a magazine, however, is much easier to determine, appeal-to and target because they are so genre specific – making your advertisement easy to place for maximum consumer interaction.

The downside of using a magazine advert is that they have longer lead times than a newspaper, sometimes up-to six months. With a newspaper, although the advert may not receive as much immediate exposure with your target audience, the advert is usually cheaper and quicker to be printed. It can be argued that newspapers also have a high readership, on average, per day than an audience-specific magazine. It can also be argued that the quality of the advert can afford to be lower quality because people reading newspapers are often just browsing news and require hard facts more than pretty images.

Newspapers, because of their high-brow approach and mass circulation, often give credibility to the advert. Unlike radio advertising, which often loses the concentration of the audience, newspaper reading often captivates the attention of the reader as it is face on and often carried out in someone’s leisure time. But the advert still needs to be expertly produced, which is where we can help.

Idigit.al has extensive experience in both fields to help you choose the best platform for your product or business.

With our vast experience in internet marketing, we now are branching-out to help businesses create campaigns to be shown across media platforms including radio advertising, TV advertising and national and local press advertising. Using a combination of either can help maximise a business’s earning potential.

Whether you choose a national newspaper, a bi-weekly magazine or a local publication, we can perfectly position your brand for fantastic results.


If you are serious about your business, it is likely that you have poured hard-earned cash into building your public brand; your company’s image, its voice and its representation and portrayal in the public domain.


Branding is by far one of the most important and most expensive parts of maintaining business growth, which is why it needs protecting.

Your hard work on branding can be easily de-faced across various blogs, forums and websites online by a mixture of competitors and disgruntled consumers using it as a portal for free speech. The problem with that is, potential customers could find this information and be sold a poor first impression of your brand.

idigit.al spends time learning about your brand and can use intelligent software to scours the web and see how your company name is being used. Our online brand protection service includes regular searches on the web to identify new searches for your name. We will be able to then report any negative publicity and expertly advise on how to rightly approach this source as well as rectify it.

Millions of pounds is spent each year building and developing business brands, and yet very little is spent protecting it. In an age of digital evolution, your brand online is just as important as your brand offline. You can’t afford to leave it unmonitored and without expert management.

Idigit.al is a specialist and dynamic digital advertising company, which identifies the best customers for every product and puts them in touch with one another.

Advertising statistics say that a company needs to make contact approximately seven times, on average, with a customer before that person parts with their cash and a sale is made.

Personalised retargeting enables companies to embark in ongoing interaction with a customer once they leave the website, through the use of intelligently tailored profiles and banner adverts, thus entering them into a digital conversation direct with the business and desired product.

For this reason, retargeting is a fast-growing field. Our ‘real-time’ analysis keeps customers in a ‘buying’ mind-set when the customised advert appears on their screens; makes the purchase easy for them to fulfil from wherever they are on the web; and helps build an ongoing relationship between brand and buyer.

Retargeted advertising is reliant on identifying people’s buying behaviour. The advanced, intelligent software we use documents the browser’s movements across the web, and builds them a buyer’s profile for your business to relate to; thus, stimulating the conversion of a browser to a buyer.

This way, idigit.al matches the buyer with the most suitable product, at the best time, and with an advert positioned in the right place.

The sophistication of our software allows us to be consistently confident in more sales being generated as a result of this online advertising strategy. We’re so confident in fact, that our clients only pay us once a product is purchased.

Contact us for more information about how our business can help yours get the most from online shoppers. Case studies, presentations and demonstrations are all available on request.