The effectiveness of an online marketing campaign hinges on the success of online lead generation (OLG). One simply cannot be done without the other.

OLG is a marketing channel in its own right, which aims to obtain a customer’s consent to receive communication about a product or service. It can be used in a multitude of ways, from e-newsletter list building to loyalty programmes and to placing banner ads in strategic positions, or through the click per acquisition (CPA) method. What is does is simple; it boosts the marketability of your business. CPA is a great tool in selling products and is something specialises in particularly.

It involves placing an advertisement on a website, and whenever a person either clicks or completes a sale from that point, you get paid a percentage. Doing this is risk free as you only get paid once a sale is done, and is a great way to generate new business as you have a new audience with each new banner placed. CPA campaigns are suitable for brand marketers and direct response marketers, looking to engage consumers from multiple touchpoints.

CPA usually involves using a carefully screened affiliate marketing agency, tailored to your website and your targeted audience. has many years of experience and expertise in determining the right lead generators and CPA campaigns for you.

We are confident we can help grow your online presence and steer new business to your website using a variation of these OLG tools.